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Welcome to Lempat Foods!
We are a 100% Mexican company, dedicated to the production of hot sauces and dressings. We have been established since 2006 and develop our products under the Tierra Brava trademark, which are exported to Australia, Singapore, Canada and the United States.

We have the necessary records with the FDA. If what you are looking for is a reliable Copacker to do private label, with experience in product development and exports, you have come to the right place. At Lempat Foods we can help you with the production of your own recipe or even with the development of recipes under contract. Our comprehensive copacker services include:

  • Production in batches.
  • Bottle packaging.
  • Label placement, either shrinkable or self-adhesive.
  • Placement warranty seal (Thermo-encodable)
  • Batch and expiration date printing.
  • Placement of product in cases.
  • Identification of cases by product and purchase order.
  • Palletize and protect pallet.
  • Shipment of product to where you indicate it.

In Lempat Foods we know the demands of the international market, both in food safety and in the importance of delivery in the times agreed upon, we can assure you of our commitment and priorities with your company.

Our team will work hard to provide you with fast, quality and consistent results to meet all your copacker needs.
We also offer additional value-added services that will bring to you most competitive and attractive product and brand achievement:
  • Understanding and knowledge of international markets.
  • Qualified labor at a fair price.
  • Access to packaging and raw materials at a highly competitive price.
  • Mexican printing industry with international quality. Your labels will look astonishing.
  • Privileged geographical location, just a few hours away from the United States and with access to some major seaports.
The minimum PO requirement would be of 50 cases of 24 units per product, or a product pot that is approximately 750 pounds. The current number of cases produced per batch varies according to the size of the bottle chosen and the viscosity or density of your product. We offer a wide range of bottle sizes ranging from 5 oz. bottles up to 19-liter (5 gallons) bucket.

Our most popular types selections include:

  • 150 ml Glass Bottle (5 Oz)
  • Jar of 300 gr.
  • Jar 16 Oz
  • Glass Container (Dressing) 16 oz.
  • PET bottle, 2 liters.
  • Bucket 19 Lts (5 gallons)

If you are interested in considering our copacker services, you need to:

1. Start the application process by completing the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and sending it by email. Once the confidentiality agreement (NDA) was signed by both parties, we will start the development stage of manufacturing the hot sauce.

2. The second step is to review the preliminary prices in your original recipe.

3. The third step is to run a batch sampling process that will allow us the opportunity to work in the development and get samples in our facilities and thus determine if we can ensure to deliver the hot sauce according to your specifications.

4. The fourth step is to deliver the test to our team of food specialists and laboratory so that they can elaborate the nutritional facts table and process the necessary records with the FDA.

5. The fifth and final step is production.

Each customer is responsible for the development of their label or if requested, we can also offer you design service.

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lempat foods
lempat foods
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