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Our brand. Why Tierra Brava?
Tierra Brava®. Our brand and image aims to synthesize the strength and character of the Mexican people as well as the greatness and richness of our land. Therefore our image is a fighting rooster with its elegant colored tail, which conveys the strength, courage and joy that has always characterized us the Mexican people.
Year 2006
Tierra Brava. Our History
Tierra Brava Hot Sauce was born in 2006 with the goal of offering a new alternative Mexican sauces to the market which can satisfy the highest demands of domestic and foreign palates.

We have invested many years of hard, caring and professional work, including concept development, product design, market research and the ingredients selection to obtain the finished product.

After we ended up with the clarity conceptual of our sauces, the first step was the development of its flavor. We sought and found how to prepare delicious sauces with 100% Mexican natural premium ingredients, which contributed to our exquisite flavor sauces and balanced hot flavor, which allows it to be enjoyed by all palates.

This is one of our objectives. Tierra Brava Sauces are designed to satisfy a wide range of tastes on the palate, from the most demanding in hot flavors, even the most modest and discreet, looking for that touch of flavor without enjoying the effect of spicy.

This process took into account valuable comments from buyers of distinguished national and international retail chains and various consumer segments and culinary arts professionals. This resulted in the selection of three different sauces that starts with this wonderful delicious adventure: Chipotle Pepper sauce, Red Habanero Pepper and Green Habanero Pepper sauce.

Once we get the flavor all our efforts are focused on branding and image of the product and our name was born: Tierra Brava, which seeks to synthesize the strength and character of the Mexicans and the grandeur and wealth of our land. These elements are also clearly reflected in our image, a fight rooster with its elegant colored tail, which we convey the strength, courage and joy that has always characterized us the Mexican people.

Year 2009
Year 2010
In early 2009, and after great effort and dedication we successfully convert the project Tierra Brava Hot Sauce, in a tangible and really delicious reality.

With the launch of our first production, we satisfy Mexicans consumers, we also become one of the best choices for foreigners enjoying its taste and have at their kitchens a hot sauce with real Mexican flavor.

Today,Tierra Brava® Hot Sauce is consumed in Mexican homes, Mexico’s City restaurants and is available at distinguished gourmet food stores as well as retail chains.

At the year 2010 we successfully participated in our first international exhibition in Japan. Foodex 2010 broadened the landscape and reinforce the vision we have about our products. We learned about many cultural differences between Mexico, Japan and many other countries of Asia and Europe.

Through our participation in Foodex comments and feedback we received from visitors at our booth, including consumers and prestigious international buyers, we returned to Mexico with quite a challenge: we had to reformulate our products and adapt them to the feeding habits Japan and Europe in general.

We managed to redo the formula of our products in a record time of 3 months and got a much richer, with better flavor, color, consistency, and of course quality.

Since June 2010 Tierra Brava® sauces are 100% natural, without colorants and no sodium benzoate.

Despite the crisis lived all over the world, another great achievement was to reduce our production costs and be more competitive domestic and internationally.

Year 2011
Year 2012
By 2011 the Tierra Brava® Sauces project turns around and in March 2011, is born our company: Lempat Foods, S de RL de CV which is in charge of the sales and distribution of Tierra Brava® Hot Sauces’ and other Mexican food products.

The challenges and improvements were a constant this year. We worked with much perseverance and dedication to making a change of label in our gourmet sauces. We kept the same design, and added to our label a major differentiator for our prodcutos that shows that Tierra Brava® Hot Sauces’ are 100% natural.

During this summer, we started with the development of two new products to offer to domestic and international consumers: homemade Mexican sauces.

We also began operations at our processing plant located in Milpa Alta, Mexico City, with a HACCP control process implemented.

On January 2012 we achieve to get our Kosher Certificate by ONE KOSHER.

Today, our sauces are consumed in Mexican households, restaurants of Mexico City and can be found at distinguished gourmet products stores. We export our products to USA Australia, Canada and soon in Japan. China and other more countries.

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